Strange Brouhaha

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Sit through an ad to learn how the Brazilian government has stood up to right-wing pressure from the United States government and said "Keep your damn $40 million, gringos, because we've got better things to do than insult prostitutes when they come to us for condoms [which you didn't want us to distribute in the first place]!"

And to Senator Sam Brownback, manipulatively going on in the article about how " harmful to women"--no shit. Guess what: getting AIDS is even more harmful to women. Condemning prostitutes doesn't make prostitution go away. It makes *prostitutes* go away, ensuring they will not return to your clinic to get whatever human mercy a caring doctor can provide, but it does not make prostitution go away. If you really cared about women, you'd want women stuck in lives of prostitution to have whatever help they could get.

But anyhow, Brazil is my hero today. If there are any Brazilians reading this--give yourselves a kiss. In fact, the whole continent of Latin America is rising up. (It takes a bunch of paragraphs to actually get to the discussion of Latin America, but it's worth it.) To those of us who sat through the extremely dark days of the 1980s in our relatively liberal Catholic schools watching footage of Salvadoran Death-Squadded nuns being dug out of their shallow graves, what's happening in Latin America now is a true human miracle. For the liberal left on that continent to have survived what it has survived, and now to be peacefully emerging into power, is truly inspiring. Here's hoping that Little George stays preoccupied with Iraq until it's far too late, and Central and Latin America become the ground of our dreams.


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