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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Illusions Shattered!

I already don't like those snarky shows on VH1 where they get class-F "celebrities" and "comedians" to say mean things about, say, music, or 1986, or what have you. But I was under the illusion that at least these people had some passing familiarity with what they were talking about. Or rather, that the writers of the shows did.

No longer.

I was flipping past some show--I don't even know what it was!--and they were talking about "Luke and Laura" on whatever soap opera that was. General Hospital, maybe. This woman is saying "We just wanted to see two pure hearts get together," or something like that. I don't think she was speaking ironically. She didn't sound like it. She was followed by more people who obviously, obviously didn't know what they were talking about. The Wikipedia entry for Luke and Laura may shed some light if you don't already know what I'm talking about. Great love story, my fat, hairy ass.

I didn't watch the whole segment, as I was busy immediately yelling to Savannah to listen to this load of crap.

For my money, the best "Luke and Laura" moment was when Tony Geary and Genie Francis did a cameo on "Roseanne" as Luke and Laura. I totally don't remember a single bit of it, but it was hilarious. I promise.


  • (Savannah) Okay, *now* I can say what I was going to say at the time, but couldn't, because Lani was right there. At the time of the Luke and Laura events, my late friend Cathy read all the soap opera magazines, and I saw it described thusly, in highly approving terms: "(something something something) after Luke made a woman out of timid Laura."

    I kid you not.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:26 AM  

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