Strange Brouhaha

Friday, January 21, 2005

We have always been at war with Eurasia

I saw something on the television machine today. The local public access channel carries a few hours of Free Speech TV in the morning. I happened to catch a little bit of it this morning.

They were doing man-in-the street interviews at the Coron...uh, Inauguration, with people who were Bush supporters. Amid the "This is a great day for democracy" stuff, the FSTV person asked someone, "What's your greatest concern today?"

"World peace," was the firm answer. "And you can't have world peace unless you remove all the people, like Saddam, who are against world peace."

Huh? War is peace?

Perfect, isn't it? Apparently, ignorance is strength, since Bush is so solidly anti-intellectual, anti-science, and anti-thought and people seem to love him for it.

And we know they think there's such a thing as too much freedom, and too much justice.

Where's the modern-day Orwell?


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