Strange Brouhaha

Friday, March 04, 2005


I saw my doctor today for a followup to the rash of appointments I had at the end of 2004. We ended up agreeing that I would start medication for high blood pressure. (Well, to be honest, he agreed and I just kind of shrugged.) Somehow, that makes me feel like I'm some kind of horrible failure as a human being. I know it shouldn't, of course,'s just one more *thing* to deal with. Increased exercise and decreased sodium don't seem to have worked, but then again I'm not 25 anymore, am I?

In the "thank goodness for small favors" department, at least the medication isn't expensive. And the blood test for my cholesterol screening went swimmingly, which is unusual.

I actually kind of hope that I can keep this insurance provider at whatever my next job might be. Yes, I've complained about the antiquated procedures in effect at some of their clinics, but my doctor is actually a pretty nice guy.


  • You are NOT, NOT, NOT a horrible failure as a human being. Do not say that. Do not feel that. High blood pressure is not a failing. Whatever you may think, you did not bring it on yourself. Remember your family medical history--you almost certainly inherited it. Do not beat yourself up over this. We are all behind you, and we love you. Especially me.

    By Blogger Savannah, at 12:45 PM  

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