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Friday, May 19, 2006

Ooooh, how BOLD

Relative to the non-punishment that the Vatican has ditched out to other baby-rapers, I suppose the censure of Marcial Maciel actually is a bold move. It's certainly better than brushing the allegations under a rug and moving him to a different part of the country, which is what usually happens. But Jesus, FIFTY YEARS of sex with boys gets him a forced retirement? How about forced baths in hydrochloric acid? How about sending him to Guantanamo to get the same "humane treatment" the prisoners there are getting, you know, with all of the not-torture. Sure, he's 86 and probably not too sturdy, but our not-torturers could probably keep him alive and conscious through a bunch of not-torture.

Shoot, I'd settle for making him live in Mexico City or somewhere else in Mexico (where he lives now) and plastering huge posters of him everywhere he's likely to go, with his picture and the words "TENGO SEXO CON LOS MUCHACHOS JÓVENES" in really huge letters. No bodyguards, no pension, no nothing. See how long he lasts.


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