Strange Brouhaha

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here's the definition of bravery

Let's say that you are walking next to a polluted waterway; let's call it the Ala Wai Canal. It's not the Cuyahoga River by any stretch, but it's infamous for being very, very dirty. People throw things into it, it's got a wide variety of dangerous bacteria in it, there was a nasty sewage spill in it in recent memory.

The Ala Wai is next to a relatively heavily-traveled road.

So there you are. Suddenly, a truck veers off the road and falls into the water, upside-down.

What do you do?

The definition of bravery: you jump into the Ala Wai.

As I was telling David today, I'd like to think that I'd do the right thing...but man, I don't know. It's the Ala Wai! I hope I wouldn't just say "Well...he's probably dead" and let someone else go check, but I can't honestly say that I'd just jump in.

That alone, as Captain Jeff Richards of HPD said, is worth a reward.


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