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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My Doctor And Me

No. No, I haven't gone to get my blood pressure checked even ONE time, let alone the requisite three. Why not? Because every time I think about it, it pisses me off so much that my blood pressure is through the roof. IT'S THE SAME AS IT'S BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE. There, how's that for a reading?

Yeah, I'm gonna get good and pissed off. Maybe after a day at work. Yeah, that's a great idea. Great time to get the old blood pressure checked.

"Mr. Jahrling," the nurse said with concern at one physical exam I had, "are you...feeling alright?"

"Sure, why?"

"According to the reading I just took, you're having a stroke."

Better check it again, I guess, because you're stupid.

Anyway, the nurse called today to find out if I had had my blood pressure checked, and of course Savannah said I hadn't, which was entirely correct. I guess the nurse said something like "Men's blood pressure is often a little high when they're here in the office, and we put them on medication for nothing."

KEEP YOUR SNAKE OIL AWAY FROM ME. You're goddamn right my blood pressure's gonna go through the roof when I hear that. Why wouldn't it? Jesus Christ, I could have just kept on going to the Urgent Care clinic when I needed a doctor. I don't NEED this bullshit.

So that's the background of the mood I was in tonight as we headed away from the office, to Lani's dance class...


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