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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Yes, I'm complaining about traffic again

Dear Bus Driver,

Perhaps this was not covered in Bus Driver training, but that red sign with eight sides, a white border, and four big white letters in the middle? That's called a stop sign. When you see one, it is meant as a signal that you should stop your vehicle. "Stop," in this case, means "halt all forward progress by putting your foot on the vehicle's brake."

This is expecially critical at what we call a "four-way stop" or "all-way stop." That's signified by the fact that all nodes of an intersection have stop signs (those eight-sided red jobbies) with addenda, namely a little plate at the bottom of the stop sign which reads "All way" or "4 way." This means that everybody has to stop, especially if someone who has stopped before you is beginning to turn. If someone has stopped before you, generally speaking, they have the right of way. "Right of way" just means that they get to go first.

It may be the case that at your particular stop sign, there was an additional sign that said "...unless you're driving a bus--if you are, go for it!" I don't think there is, though, because I've driven through that side of the intersection quite a few times and I don't recall seeing that.

Or it may be that there's a reason you're driving the short bus.


etc. etc.


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