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Monday, October 18, 2004

Meet The Press

I hate politicians.

Just answer the damn questions.

I happened upon "Meet The Press" on Sunday, and Tim Russert was interviewing the candidates for the Senate seat in South Carolina. Russert asked the Republican candidate, quite directly, who he would prosecutre if abortions were illegal. His answer? "We've got to make laws first that protect life. How those laws are shaped are going to be a long debate."

Russert kept after him, and he never answered the question, which was a really good question. Read the transcript, although this DeMint is a pretty scary bastard. This was the last segment, so you'll want to scroll down to almost the end if you do read it.


  • (Savannah) Naturally in that particular case, a guy like that is never going to actually *admit* "Well, of course, we'll throw the woman in jail. Our officers will be monitoring all phone lines and entrances to any hospital or clinic, and the minute a woman appears in anyone's office or emergency room with any kind of suspicious bleeding, we will be on it. If her private records, which we will seize, show that she was pregnant before the bleeding occurred, we will arrest her, put her in jail without bail on charge of capital murder, and have her specially examined by one of *our* doctors to determine if her so-called 'miscarriage' was natural. And yes, Tim, *occasionally* an actual natural miscarriage does happen, but we're confident that for the most part, it'll be the chair for her. Except for those black and Hispanic women. We're not even gonna bother to investigate them, because--well, you know about *them.* Them, we'll just shoot." Because that could strike people as extreme.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:50 AM  

  • (JJB) Seen the transcript for John Stewart on Crossfire? I haven't seen/read the whole thing, but the bits I have seen were unbelievably brilliant. He really takes them to task for masquerading as objective journalism while actually being shameless promoters of the right.

    Good times.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 AM  

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