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Monday, October 11, 2004

So it's root, root, root for the Packers

On 31 October, the Green Bay Packers roll into Washington, D.C. to play the Redskins at Cooke Stad...I mean, (with a grand roll of the eyes) FedEx Field. If there was ever a time to root for the Packers, this is it.


Because the outcome of this game will predict the winner of the Presidential election, as it has for nearly 70 years.

(Yes, yes, it's chance, and chance has no memory. But root for the Packers anyway, because they need the help.)


  • (Joshman) Hey, you found the only reason on Earth I'd pull for the Pack (as I look over at the Daunte Culpepper jersey I will be receiving for my birthday in 77 minutes).

    Admittedly, the game's not over yet, but their play tonight does not bode well for the 31st.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:43 PM  

  • Happy birthday!

    Ugh, don't even talk about the horrible, horrible spectacle last night. There's still the chance that the Packers could win all the rest of their regular season games! Really! (Okay, not really. What's the old saying? "If we had some cheese, we could make ham and cheese sandwiches, if we had some ham." With the Packers so far this season, it's more like "If we had some defense, we could play really well, if we had some offense.")

    I just feel bad for Brett Favre, going out on a season like this one.

    By Blogger Robert, at 8:50 AM  

  • (Joshman) As an aside, what is up with the massive, Predator-style dreads that are an epidemic in the league this year? First it was just Mike Mckenzie looking like a stinky hippy, and now they're everywhere.

    Actually, though, they do look better than the crappy "hairstyle" Randy Moss is currently sporting . . .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:09 AM  

  • Savannah: This is Brett Favre's last year? I didn't know that. (Just goes to show how closely I follow football.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:19 AM  

  • Well, it's not necessarily his last year, but at the beginning of the season he was all "Super Bowl or Bust" and he doesn't have a lot of years left in him.

    By Blogger Robert, at 2:09 PM  

  • (Joshman) you know what would be interesting; it seems like there's several thousand "infallible" indicators of who will be the next president. Someone (not me) should check a bunch of them and see if they're all going the same way or if they conflict.

    No answers on the stinky hippy question, eh?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:33 PM  

  • Well, here's an article from Money about goofy presidential election forecasts.

    As for the dreadlocks, I think it started with Ricky Williams. Didn't he used to wear his hair like that? I think the Packers had as many as three guys with long dreads at one point. I want to know how they get all that hair under their helmets. (I like the one guy who tapes his together first.)

    By Blogger Robert, at 4:06 PM  

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