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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Keep Being Stupid

As I read more and more articles about George Bush and Dick Cheney insisting, even in the face of the findings, that Iraq had chemical weapons stockpiled and was prepared to sell them to al-Qaeda, I get a strange sense of hope. Why?

Here's the President's party line on Iraq and, specifically, Saddam Hussein: "He was a threat we had to confront, and America and the world are safer for our actions." Wwwwwwhat threat was that again? Oh yeah, that's right: the nuclear program, which was some scribbled drawings on two sheets of paper, and the CBW program, which was apparently large stockpiles of jack shit. The sanctions were working, the man was beaten. No amount of sly attempts to put the blame primarily on Clinton-era intelligence is really going to change the fact that it was Bush who pushed the war on the country by lying to us.

I know, it's naive to expect people to not be stupid in the face of overwhelming evidence, but I couldn't help thinking, as I read the SAME words from the SAME people for the thousandth time, that at some point the repetition is going to wear thin and people are going to wake up. So I say, to George Bush, keep being stupid. Keep having your handlers try to spin your lack of foresight and lack of insight as being part of your "mystique."

"Mystique?" Yeah, you heard me. I read a great article, sent to me by Savannah, that said that even Bush's handlers had to concede that he lost the debate last week and were desperately trying to create the impression that the president wasn't really being dumb, and that his stage mannerisms showed dignity and focus. Yeah.


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