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Sunday, December 26, 2004

It's A Meme!

At least, that's what David said to me when I allowed as to how I was going to copycat this entry at noise-to-signal. David got the idea from Andrew, who in turn got it from Ed Bott.

The idea is to randomize the playlist on whatever digital media program or device you use and shout out the next ten songs. I mean "shout out" metaphorically, of course; read the great-grandparent (that would be Ed) for more precise rules. I think this is fun, and since I have so many different listening libraries depending on where I am, I get to do this one a few times.

First up, the Windows machines at home. Not a lot in the Windows libraries, and most of it is stuff that Savannah listens to, since she's the one who uses the home computers most often. Here's what I got...warts and all.

  • Red Barchetta, Dream Theater

  • "Muir Races To Work," Harry Gregson-Williams, Spy Game soundtrack

  • red, black & green, Pharoah Sanders, Thembi

  • Sweet Child O' Mine, Guns n' Roses, Appetite For Destruction

  • Wanted Dead Or Alive, Bon Jovi, Slippery When Wet

  • When You Ask A Working Man, Paul McCartney, Liverpool Oratorio

  • Silvie, Sweet Honey In The Rock, All For Freedom

  • Stop, Wait, Hold On, Paul McCartney, Liverpool Oratorio

  • The Air Raid Siren, Paul McCartney, Liverpool Oratorio

  • Tuwe Tuwe, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Still The Same Me

Randomness is a mystery to me. There are about 800 songs in this particular library, and yet three of the ones on this list are from McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio. Two are by Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Still to come...the work playlist, and the iPod playlist.


  • (Josh) Bon Jovi? Dude.

    iTunes on the home machine:
    Ten, Jimmy Eat World, Clarity
    Shy Animals, Loudhouse, For Crying Out Loud
    Pink Clouds, Superchunk, Come Pick Me Up
    Like Suicide (acoustic version), Soundgarden, Songs from the Superunknown
    Space Orgy, Lungfish, The Unanimous Hour
    Caustic Acrostic, Fugazi, End Hits
    Highway Chile, Jimi Hendrix, The Ultimate Experience
    Piss Pot, The Dames, Divorce
    Goldilox, King's X, Out of the Silent Planet
    Without A Medium, Into Another, Creepy Eepy

    iPod (same library):
    Sphere of Influence, Lungfish, Sound In Time
    Tides, Onelinedrawing, Sketchy E.P. #1
    Sideways, Shiner, Lula Divinia
    Lullaby, A Perfect Circle, Thirteenth Step
    The Year of Regret, Sultans, Ghost Ship
    Mona Lisa Overdrive, Head Candy, Starcaster
    Sex God Missy, Tad, Sub Pop 200
    Seemless, Into Another, Seemless
    Morning New Disease, Jets To Brazil, Orange Rhyming Dictionary
    Third Gear Scratch, Shiner, Lula Divinia

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:34 PM  

  • [Dan]
    There was a NY Times article (Circuits section - now in their pay-per-view archive) about how iPod "randomndess" seemed to have an agenda and favorites. Apple insists that if you start a shuffle and stay with it (i.e. don't start a fresh shuffle) that every song will only be played once until all have been played - which is not the definition of random.

    In the bigger picture, I think we have an intuitive expectation that random will have some kind of purity, which in our minds prohibits ten "heads" in a row in a coin toss even though this is as likely as any other specific series. True randomness would be chaotic enough to have the illusion of patterns that either aren't actually patterns or reveal the underlying nature of the system and therefore the flaw in trying to create randomness within it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 PM  

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