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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Who Knew?

I sure didn't.

One of the things that I learned from entering the Cloudscape contest was that Eclipse (the outstanding free IDE) has a visual editor mode. The Cloudscape-branded version of Eclipse that I downloaded had it enabled by default, so I tried it out.

Now, I wasn't super-impressed, and I'll need to study it a little more before I actually try to use it, but it was certainly nice to right-click on the bean in the explorer and be able to add a stub for an actionListener. When I make Java GUIs, I like to organize things in a certain way (and I probably over-organize), and the auto-generated code isn't really the way I like to see it, but it's nice to see that the ability is there.

(For the record, I like the GUI designer in NetBeans. Oh, and by the way, about the Cloudscape contest...why in the heck are they waiting until February 18th for the drawing? The entry deadline was Monday, you'd think they could do the drawing right away.)


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