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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"outposts of tyranny"

Amitabh Pal, writing for The Progressive, has gone to the trouble of exposing the Bush Administration's flamboyant hypocrisy on the subject of tyranny. Apparently Ms. Condoleezza Rice thinks Iran is tyrannical, but Saudi Arabia is fine. In what fucking universe? North Korea made the "outposts of tyranny" list, but not Uzbekistan, where they BOIL PEOPLE TO DEATH. Yes, that's "boil" with a "b." Zimbabwe made the list, but not Equatorial Guinea, which has been cited over and over again for its human rights violations. (No boiling, though.)

Now, boys and girls, what's the thread here? Anyone? Anyone? (Or as my old French professor used to say, "Et alors? Et alors?")

That's right! The countries on the list do NOT provide the United States with oil! The absolutist, tyrannical, totalitarian, no-freedom-of-conscience-or-religion bugfuck regimes which ESCAPED the list DO provide the United States with oil. Aren't you glad we got that all cleared up?

So now we know what the word "tyranny" means. It means "place where there is no democracy or oil."


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