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Monday, January 24, 2005

Michael Tomasky in the American Prospect

A great article on the '48ers, an underrated group of liberals who helped shape our history in key ways and whose help we could really use now. The point of the article is to resurrect their forgotten achievements. They used skilled brinksmanship to scare the USSR away from invading/subverting Greece and Turkey. They also, and this is key, refused to sign off on CIA-sponsored "regime change" in Iran, for the very sensible reason that it was a bad idea. (These people were able to make the distinction between "democratically elected socialist government" and "Soviet puppet regime.") Then in the 50s the Republicans took over and that fucking lunatic Whatsisface Foster-Dulles signed off on the coup, and the sick bloody dance began.

Anyhow, the '48ers have a bad reputation today because they authored the Truman Doctrine, which was used to justify the Vietnam War, which is a tragedy. But their achievements turn out to be well worth a second look, and like I said, we could really use them now. Tomasky's description of what they would be doing to contain Islamic terrorism made me weep with longing.


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