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Thursday, April 28, 2005

In which I do Not Complain About Doctors, Part Three

Part One

Part Two

It was another couple of days in bed. Here's how whacked out I was: it wasn't until Sunday, I think, that I realized that, yes, I could watch DVDs on my laptop, in bed. It wasn't very comfortable, but I managed.

The side effects from the Chlorbenzaprine were getting pretty bad, too. I constantly felt lightheaded (and footed), which wasn't helped by the fact that occasionally my blood pressure medicine has the same effect. I was glad that I ran out of the stuff on Monday.

On Tuesday I had to get up out of bed so that we could go to my physical therapy appointment. The guy was very nice, he showed me some stretches to do for my back and he taught me something that I did not know: stronger abdominals are good for your back. I tend to ignore the abdominal exercises, so that was good to learn. He said something about stronger abdominals making your trunk a little more rigid. I was still feeling a little woozy.

I was more or less normal by Tuesday night. Well, less, really, because I still had a lot of pain, but I was able to move around. And so here we are. I'm still experiencing a little lightheadedness--in the market this morning, I felt kind of strange. When I mentioned to my doctor on Wednesday that I had been really dizzy and was continuing to feel that way, he didn't seem to think it was a problem.

So, while the pain itself was odious, the medical experience as a whole wasn't that bad for a change. And the real moral of the story, to quote my physical therapy dude, is "Next time, carry just one bag of softener salt."

(It wasn't all bad; even though I was drugged out of my gourd, I managed to play several dozen games of Baseball Advance on my GBA, finishing out the season with an undefeated Yankee team. Unsurprisingly, I also got them through the first round of the playoffs and we have our eye on the World Series.)


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