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Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Brief Complaint

I use Apple's for email. As mail applications go, it's okay. I'm happy enough with it that I'm not looking for something else to use, unlike, say, the Terminal or Safari.

Anyway, my complaint is...this is a piece of software written by Apple. It was presumably written by people with access to Apple Computers. It was presumably tested by people with access to Apple Computers. Please explain why doesn't respond to the fn key on my iBook keyboard. I can't use page up, page down, home, or end in Mail. This makes writing and editing mail an adventure.

I should send them a bug report.

Update: 8:10 AM
Bah. Home/End sends the cursor to the beginning/ending line of the message. The functionality I'm looking for is provided by Command-arrow.

(You want to know what's worse? I think I already knew that. I probably shouldn't be sending email or complaining about stuff this early in the morning.)

(No, seriously...I was writing up a bug report and was editing the text and when I needed to get to the end of the line from the middle, I hit cmd-arrow without even thinking about it. I promptly logged out of the bug tracker and put my head through a wall.)


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