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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Don't go to Wikipedia!

That is, unless you want to be completely sucked in and lose gobs of time because it's fascinating. Wikipedia, of course, is the Internet's free encyclopedia, available for reading and editing by anyone with a computer.

Yes, editing. See something wrong? Change it!

Anyway, I needed to do some general research on 1955. There's a bunch of stuff in there, famous dates, births, deaths, and so on. Separate pages list music and film and literature and such. There's also a list of world leaders. As I was reading about 1955, I figured I'd look up world leaders. So I decided I'd click on Eisenhower's bio page. From there, the Korean War. From the Korean War to MASH and from there to a discussion on Chuck Cunningham Syndrome in television.

All because I wanted to look up some stuff on 1955. An hour ago. Ack!

I consider Wikipedia to be probably the best example of the promise of the Internet and hyperlinked information. Go there now...if you don't have a deadline.


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