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Saturday, December 03, 2005

NaNoWriMo wrapup

Here's the final paragraph from my end-of-November email from National Novel Writing Month Guy Chris Baty. It's good stuff:

I suggest we spend the next eleven months exploring a few other appealing, impractical items on our to-do lists. Because the secret of November's success is both simple and transferable: You were able to write a book because you allowed yourself to write a book. And in the coming weeks, after you've caught up on sleep and re-acclimated yourself to normal life, I hope you'll sit down and make a list. It's the most powerful list on the planet, and it's the one entitled: "What I'm going to allow myself to do next."

Here's my list...1) read comics; 2) play videogames. But it's still good stuff.


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