Strange Brouhaha

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And So It Begins

The great processor switch begins with the MacBook Pro, Apple's new Intel-based notebook.

I'm conflicted. I mean, we've known for a while that the switch was in the offing. Now that it's here, I'm deluged with memories of getting screwed, hard, by the last processor switch.

Now is definitely not the time to buy a new Macintosh, that's for certain: that Mac Mini you've been drooling over? Wait until the Intel-based Mini comes out. In fact, if you're considering a new Macintosh...wait for a year while software catches up, unless you're also going to commit to using only Apple software.

(Okay...I'm tempted by the new iMac. But until Eclipse and NeoOffice/J will run natively, count me out.)


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