Strange Brouhaha

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Let me get this straight

The government was able to bury yet another domestic spying scandal--this one about the government prying into bank accounts on its own say-so--by arresting a bunch of guys who were "worse than Al-Qaeda" and splashing it all over the front pages. This happened, by the way, three months after the investigation of that group concluded. I think they probably needed to be March.

There's a war going on that the Little Emperor's lackeys sat in front of the world and LIED about. They used intelligence that analysts were screaming was faulty, but the Little Emperor needed to prove that he had more sack than his old man. Our soldiers are being killed for pop psychology and bullshit.

There's so much going on in this country that I can't even list it all, and what is Congress wasting its time on? Amending the Constitution to prevent burning the flag.

Is there NOTHING more important?


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