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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Saturday Six

Yeah, I know, it's not Saturday. This is the Saturday Six for August 5th fromPatrick's Weekender. None of the Wednesday things from the Memes List really grabbed me.

1. How many different time zones have you lived in? Which one would you most like to live in?

2. What is the current setting of your home's thermostat? Do you adjust it up or down based on the time of day, or leave it at one setting at all times?

3. Go to your bedroom closet (or the closet in which you keep the majority of your clothes. Take a quick glance: what color do you see the most of? Is this color your favorite color? If not, why do you have more of it than your favorite color?

4. Take the quiz: What kind of house are you?

5. Imagine your dream house: how many stories would your ultimate home have?

6. Ripped from the Headlines: An underage teenager decides he does not want to undergo a particularly rough regimen of chemotherapy to treat his cancer. With his parents' blessing, he decides to pursue an alternate treatment to be supervised by a clinic that is outside of the country. Should a court intervene and force the teen to undergo the "traditional" treatment? How much does the prognosis for successful treatment with the chemotherapy affect your judgment?

1. Three: Eastern, Central, Hawaii. If we're talking in a hypothetical, money-is-no-object, you-are-alone-in-the-world way, I guess I'd like to live in the Western European Time Zone (specifically, the UK) or the Ireland Time Zone. Except that that part of the world isn't really built for people like me. Then again, money is no object. If money is an object and I have a family to consider, then the time zone we're in is great.

2. The thermostat is at 75 now. It's set to that all day, although I usually turn the whole thing off at night during the summer (unless it's extremely hot). It is set at one setting all the time. (I think we keep it at 69 in the winter.)

3. Blue, and yes.

4. Uh, okay. I'm not sure this is entirely accurate.
Take the quiz:
What Kind of House Are You?

Self involved much? For all the self aggrandizing you do, you'll never change the person you actually are. So climb down from your pedestal and pay attention to other people for a change.

5. Two, plus a basement. This question is meaningless; let's talk square footage!

6. My knee-jerk reaction to this question is, "Hell, no, it's none of the court's damn business." However, I'm put in mind of, say, someone who's convinced that a laying on of hands is going to cure epilepsy. Or that laetrile is going to cure cancer. These things are clearly stupid, or, even worse, they're cons. Still, I don't think that it's the government's job to protect idiots from themselves. Presumably, the parents want what's best for their kid, and it's always, always within their rights to say "Look, Timmy, this crap isn't working. Get the chemo." I suppose my judgement would be affected by knowing the prognosis for the chemo.


  • (Savannah) I am an "Apartement House," with a cute little message about being a good multitasker but feeling pulled in too many different directions at once. I suspect Rob must have gotten McMansion by running afoul of the un-nuanced "personal space" question, which equates a strong need for personal space with egotism. Ain't necessarily so!

    With the courts thing--if the teen himself really wants the treatment, fine. What I don't like is when young kids are denied treatments by wackaloon parents. At the same time, I do hesitate to cut into parental authority. One size does not fit all. At the same time, a lot of the families pushing hardest for homeschooling and wacko medical abstentions seem to be fairly unpleasant authoritarian little kingdoms--people who are pulling out for bad reasons rather than good. They'd never look at me or mine and extend me the same "float your own boat" courtesy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:12 PM  

  • I, too, am an Apartment House. The question about the future career was pretty limited - I didn't like any of the choices.

    "Apartement House
    You're an excellent multi-tasker, though at times you feel as through you are pulled in a dozen directions at once. Take things easy for a while and try to simplify your life. Maybe subdivide."

    By Blogger Terry, at 11:40 PM  

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