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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

The best comic in newspapers today longer in dailies!

FoxTrot has been a part of my life for eighteen years. That's longer than I've known my wife. That's longer than I've known 90 percent of my friends.

Goodbye, FoxTrot. Gone, but not forgotten.


  • (Savannah) Actually, sweetheart, I'm not sure that's true. We met--briefly--during the second semester of our freshman year of college in 1988. Which was nineteen years ago now. (Remember, I made that prediction which came half true?) Then we were in that German class together during second semester of '89, which was eighteen years ago. You didn't sit close enough for me to start talking to you on a regular basis until fall of '89--but that's still eighteen years ago. (It's actually pretty cool to be able to say that. Time is an achievement, not a curse. Or as the otherwise terrifyingly bad "Miami Vice" movie put it, "Time is luck.")

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