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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Planners in general

As an alternative to the Tablet PC question, does anyone have experience using pen-and-paper planners of any stripe? Day Timer, Day Runner, Filofax, Franklin, or even D*I*Y. I had a Franklin planner Way Back When, but that thing was basically useless to me (I was in a frickin' shipping department, fercryinoutloud).

Basically...I need to organize and I need to find a way to do it. I'd be interested in hearing about anyone's experience with anything like this.


  • I tried getting organized once or twice, and really started out well, but after a while, I just quit adding things in my planner. And, well, if you don't update your planner, it just doesn't do you any good. I sorta figured that if I had to start keeping track with a planner, I just had too much stuff going on anyway, so it was better to just simplify my life.

    That said, I do write down Important Things to Remember on a wall calendar. You know, like parent/teacher conferences and stuff.

    By Blogger damonb, at 11:15 AM  

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