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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Museums, huh?

Getting better every day, I suppose, although the last few days have been pretty painful. I guess that's how it goes. At least I'm no longer shotgunning the Tylenol and ibuprofen. I continue to not recommend the whole compression fracture deal.

The Saturday Six has to do with museums this week, and even though it's Tuesday I thought I'd answer it.

1. What is your favorite kind of museum?

2. How long has it been since you walked through a museum?

3. When you enter an art museum, what type of art do you generally visit first?

4. Take the quiz: What Famous Work of Art Are You?

5. Judging your own personality, how well do you think the quiz's result matches you?

6. If you could own any famous piece of artwork for your own, which one would you choose?

1. My favorite kind of museum is a technology museum, like the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. However, I also like cultural museums (like the Bishop Museum in Honolulu) and natural history museums (like the Field Museum in Chicago).

2. We went to the Field Museum in December, nearly four months ago at this point.

3. Whatever The Wife wants to visit, because to be honest I'm not all that into art museums. The Art Institute has a miniatures room, so I like to look at that. In general, if it's a place that just has paintings and/or sculpture (like the Elvehjem here in town--or whatever they call it now that some rich guy bought the naming rights) I'll let someone else take the lead.

4. This is another dumb one. I hate the single-question quizzes. Although I do like the Mondrian.
You Are Best Described By...

Composition with Red, Blue, Yellow
By Piet Mondrian

5. I admit to a failure of imagination here. I can see why "focused" would yield this result, but does my personality in general match this painting? No clue at all how to even begin to answer that.

6. Hm, if we define "famous" and "work of art" very broadly, then I'd pick The Gorre and Daphetid by John Allen. It no longer exists, having burned down shortly after Allen's death. The Enterprise-A model that they auctioned at Christie's would be nice, too. If I were to answer the question the way it was intended, I guess I'd pick something like American Gothic or the Arnolfini Wedding or anything by Michelangelo or Leonardo (not the turtles).


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