Strange Brouhaha

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Here's my ScriptFrenzy profile. A brief excerpt of my script is up there; the portion of a scene I've provided takes place on the back end of a montage that shows the four characters growing up together and graduating from pretty theft to purse snatching. They've just snatched a few purses and are hightailing it out of town.

So far, the Frenzy is pretty fun. Definitely easier (in some aspects) than NaNoWriMo. The word count payload, as I think I've mentioned, is a lot less, which makes for less stress. In fact, for the Frenzy, a person has the opposite problem from Nano: you actually need to not overwrite; it's quite easy to go overboard on scenes.

Just banging out words is the easy part--it's doing it right that's hard. My word count stands at 2831, but I'm in the middle of a scene and I'll probably hit 3500 before I'm done tonight.


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