Strange Brouhaha

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


(Yeah, I know, so much for "No updates today.")

Short review: Wow.

Long review: I hate dancers. Not "hate" hate, mind you, seeing as my daughter is one, but...gosh darn it, after an entire night's performance, not one of the dancers was even sweating, let alone breathing hard. As Savannah said, the guys looked like they were ready to hit the clubs.

This was just an amazing show. Let me get the complaint out of the way first. Yes, complaint, singular--amazing, isn't it? The snake number was too long. We get the point, the girls are hot, they've got gigantic penises wrapped around themselves, they're hot girls, okay. (That's even unfair; I don't actually think the snake number was about hot girls and penises...but it was too long by half.)

I don't go in for dance, which means I'm in for the long haul with Lani, but this was great. None of the numbers was really unsuccessful, althought the snake number was too long. These people can just do amazing things with their bodies, like when the two-person ostriches came out: the men were practically bent over backwards, carrying the women astride their stomachs. Imagine walking like that.

So I really liked it. The music was great, if a bit loud. The lighting was PHENOMENAL. The production design was very good. If only the snake number had been half as long...

(I was supposed to work in something about "Any profession which requires you to bury your face between another person's butt cheeks without any, uh, gratification is not for me," but I couldn't think of a good place for it. Suggestions are welcome. Seriously, I mean, the women were hot and all, but I wouldn't want to bury my head betwe...what the hell am I saying?)

If you get a chance to see Momix, please consider it. They're really great.


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