Strange Brouhaha

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Some Random Thoughts

  • Okay, it's back on, damn you. Remember how I crossed "Phantom" off the list? The trailer for "Phantom" was in front of "Alexander," which we saw today, and I grudgingly put it back on because it looks pretty good. It sounded wrong, because they had to lower the Phantom's songs to match the singer's key--he's not the tenor that Michael Crawford is--so I'll be interested to hear the rest of the soundtrack.

  • Hey, hey, hey. The trailer for "Fat Albert" is mildly humorous. Especially the part with Bill Cosby. Now, I'm not saying that you should go see it, but at least the commercial is entertaining. I saw it on TV.

  • Give the ball to Marty! Speaking of TV, Comedy Central showed "Not Another Teen Movie" last night, and I found myself watching the whole thing, which is pretty rare for a random movie on television. While it was not what you would call "great," or even "all that good," it was entertaining for its very, VERY thorough skewering of all of the conventions and plot points of most of the Teen Movies of the last few decades. The end is completely worth it. If your library has it, borrow it.

  • Was that Art Garfunkel? Well, it sure looked like him, but it wasn't. How was "Alexander?" Well...I don't disagree with CNN's review, which is why I don't have a review of my own for it.


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