Strange Brouhaha

Sunday, November 28, 2004

You don't need money for this

My dad told me about Empire Poker, and now I'm telling you. The client is free, and you can play on the "play money" tables for free. I haven't received any spam from them yet, and I ran Spybot after installing the client and it came up clean.

They have real money tables as well, but I know better. As long as you're not entering a credit card number, you're not spending money.

Play is generally loose, of course, because there are no real stakes on the play money tables. You can get more play money. This means that people will generally call a bet under circumstances where you'd fold in a real game, and you'd take a lot of chances that you wouldn't otherwise take--after all, what's 10 fake credits? It's not nearly as bad as it used to be on Yahoo! Games, where every single person would stay in on every single hand and raise to the max bet with nothing.


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