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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Look At The Lost Souls...

Did you know that Alex Skolnick, formerly of Testament, is playing guitar with one of the touring companies of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

I wonder how Chuck Billy is doing, that tall-ass S.O.B. I know he had cancer, and had open-heart surgery or something to get rid of it, but other than that...


  • Apparently, he just did a guest spot with Exodus. From

    "October 29, 2004

    A message from Chuck Billy:

    Just letting you know that I did do the Exodus show last night and it was great and the sold out crowd seemed to enjoy it. I did the first 6 songs the best I could with 24-hour's notice. Apparently, after the first 6 songs, Steev was feeling the crowd's energy and came out and we did the last 2 songs together. Steev, the band, and I were all on stage together and we all said how we couldn't believe that this was happening. It has been many years since I have performed on stage at the Warfield, and I want to thank the fans for all the support and amazing energy that they were giving back to the band. I want to thank the Exodus guys for giving me a call and feeling confident that I could accomplish this task with such short notice."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:58 PM  

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