Strange Brouhaha

Thursday, December 09, 2004


We received a pamphlet sometime this week. I don't know exactly when; it was probably sitting outside the door and made its way inside, to the floor. It's been sitting there a while. I picked it up today. Maybe it was from last week.

It's called "Homosexuality: The Truth--Questions and Answers About Homosexuality."

Yeah, it's one of those. It's from an organization called...well, you know, I'm actually not going to say. The organization is based here in Wisconsin, and now that I think about it, I saw a picture of these people waving their odious signs in last week's Isthmus newspaper, so they've been around.

I wish I had been home to receive this personally, because I would have given them an earful or two.

So let's look at this document, shall we? That there are grammatical errors is a given; take it as understood, and we'll move on.

Logical errors abound. The prime focus of the document seems to be the equating of homosexuality with child molestation, incest, serial killing and bestiality, a favored tool of these people. It calls for the criminalization of homosexuality, but claims that anti-gay laws wouldn't actually be enforced--huh? (They also get a dig in at doctors who perform abortions. Can't let the opportunity slip by.) It's written with a semi-scholarly tone, with footnotes and everything. The problem, of course, is that the footnotes are almost entirely references to documents by the same author, or by anti-gay groups with innocuous-sounding names.

The real stunner is the statement that essentially says that discrimination against gays should be codified and encouraged. "It is because of the no-special-rights approach," it says, "that we now have open homosexuals involved in many activities from which they should have been banned...." You know, like having jobs and places to live. I just don't understand these people. How can they believe that God would stand for some of these things they're saying?

It just boggles my mind that you get all this hate and vitriol on one 8.5x14 sheet of paper, and then they have the nerve to quote John 3:16.

What can you do? Sign 'em up for fake magazine subscriptions, submit their email addresses to spambots, DOS their web servers, get them on phoneblast lists, set up a wardialer to call them at all hours? None of those are real solutions, so don't do 'em, and besides, I'm not giving out any of that info. What can you do?


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