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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bill Gates

Now, I don't usually defend Bill Gates, mostly because he doesn't need to be defended. I mean, say pretty much what you want about him, you can't deny that Microsoft is hugely successful.

Yes, "pretty much." I read something recently that said, in essence, that Bill Gates himself is not a geek and has no more technical knowledge than a salesman.

This is not to be taken seriously! Lord knows I'm not huge fan of Bill Gates, but he is by all accounts a pretty serious nerd, a pretty serious thinker, someone who can ask all the right questions and understand the answers. The man has been involved in the industry since the beginning. Since BEFORE the beginning of "the industry" as we know it today. You don't build a successful company--not even with help--by being a dope, and you don't build a successful software company--not even with help--by not knowing anything about the field.

So go ahead and say "Word is ridiculously bloated" and "IE is full of holes," but you've got to show the man himself a little respect.

(p.s. Bill, get your guys to lighten up about the whole iPod thing.)


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