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Saturday, May 07, 2005

You're gonna love this

Sometimes rabid conservatives start acting all hoity-toity and intellectual, so as to make their prejudices sound better. I stumbled by accident across one of their screeds this morning. (Imagine my surprise to discover the old stereotype about successful women being 'less womanly' dressed up in important-sounding scientific language.)

But the real gem on this site is their assertion that calling a same-sex union a "marriage" constitutes an Orwellian destruction of language. You just gotta love that. Scaling the heights of absurdity, they assert that our capacity to describe and thus to *conceive* of a male-female union shall be destroyed once the word "marriage" applies to same-sex couples as well as opposite-sex ones. "Marriage," in their mind, apparently has some mystical meaning beyond "legal domestic partnership with sex." And we can't share. It either applies to men and women only, or not at all.

Whatever planet these people live on, I hope they're happy there. I just wish they'd stop broadcasting to the rest of us.


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