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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hope You Weren't Planning On Retiring

...At least, not by choice. I mean, after all, nobody really WANTS 77-year-old employees, so you'll still be out of the workforce. But, uh, forget about that pension. And if the Bushies get their way (god forbid), you can forget about Social Security too.

I'm not sure what the Bushies expect old people to do. They're not going to have the money to retire, but they're not going to be competitive in the squeezed, downturned job market either. This is going to destroy their dignity--and throw yet another financial burden on families, who, besides coping with stagnant wages and (very often) no health insurance and the needs of their kids, will now (what other option is there?) have to take care of their parents too.

What year was this again? I'm sorry, I thought it was TWO THOUSAND five, not NINETEEN oh five. My mistake. Well, excuse me, I have to go tighten up my whalebone corset and get a new inkwell.


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