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Friday, June 03, 2005

Is There A White-Girl Way To Say "Amen, Sista"?

Men get Viagra, women get pharmacists flatly refusing to fill their birth control prescriptions. Men get dapoxetine (a new drug to prevent premature ejaculation and intensify orgasm), women get...jack shit (as female Viagra/dapoxetine drug "Intrinsa" was blocked from the market). Men get to not even think about this, while women get cuts in family planning programs so they'll be that much more likely to end up with babies they can't afford.

Great! Juuuust great. Nice to know that hypocrisy and the double standard march onward in triumph, completely unimpeded by common sense or basic fairness. (Note: that is sarcasm. I am not *actually* happy that hypocrisy and the double standard march onward in triumph.) But, y'know, it's only the lives of poor and middle-class women which will be ruined by this...or, heck, just pointlessly inhibited and clouded by fear. No one who really matters. (Note: that is also sarcasm.) The wealthy will just sail on, getting prescriptions and discreet procedures whenever they want. Meanwhile, their lower class brothers and sisters will be depicted as lazy and self-defeating by having a reporter judge their supermarket purchases and having a photographer take their picture during one of the few moments when they are *not* working ten-hour shifts six days a week and going to school, but are in fact--horrors!--sprawling on the couch taking a break. The slackers!! (That's sarcasm too.)

And the scary thing is that right-wingers think the New York Times is a bastion of unrepentant liberalism. I suppose in *their* fantasy version of this series, Gora and Blevins would simply be shot, or at least made to grovel at George Bush's feet and admit that liking ice cream and watching TV for a few hours a week are BAD BAD BAD things for undeserving people like themselves to do (sarcasm!), and that if they would have just planned ahead to get rich like Mr. Bush (so clever of him to plan to be born into that family!), they'd be much better people. (Yep, more sarcasm.)



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