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Friday, July 01, 2005

Go, Brooke!

Free registration is required to witness Brooke Shields fighting back against Tom Cruise's continuing criticism of her antidepressant use. It's about time! The sad thing is that Cruise's bullying put Shields on the defensive, when in fact *he* is the one who is out of line, not to mention wacko and extreme. He's jumping on couches and proposing marriage after 6 weeks of dating, and then criticizing the conduct of *Shields*? I don't think so. But even though people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, they do--because if people are busy ducking and dodging, they don't have time to see how vulnerable the thrower really is.

In other news, a Swiss parliamentarian has formed the group A Thousand Women for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of the fact that significant peace and justice work is being done all over the world by women who work in anonymity and on shoestring budgets. These women tend to be ordinary community organizers. Because they lack important job titles and fame, their work goes unnoticed, but in fact it is critical, and parliamentarian Gaby Vermot-Mangold wants it to be collectively recognized. She has put forward several individual names; if any one of those women win, the whole thousand will. I hope this happens.


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