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Monday, August 22, 2005

Fall TV

I barely watch the television anymore, and when I do, it's Toon Disney or Cartoon Network--a far cry from the days of thirty-five episodes of Law and Order every night. The only time the TV is on is when Lani is watching it.

Still, CNN's article on the fall TV season has some interesting nuggets in it.

I'll watch an episode or two of Kitchen Confidential. I have no confidence in the Fox network's ability to make a good TV show other than The Simpsons, so I'm not really expecting much.

The show that sounds the best, concept-wise, is probably Prison Break, which has a plot that seems so obvious in retrospect that I wish I had thought of it. It's reminiscent of a Batman story arc from a few years ago, but only in very broad strokes. (Nightwing had to break in to Blackgate Prison for something after the quake hit Gotham. Yes, I am a dork.)

Reunion is another semi-interesting one, but the one-year-per-episode thing leaves me cold. The "Big Chill" setup is mildly entertaining, but I doubt I'll even pay any attention. Fertile fodder for ideas, though.


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