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Thursday, August 25, 2005

What, you want to know another reason to love Notebook?

Okay, I'll give you one.

One thing that would make Circus Ponies NoteBook even better is if there was a way to insert a cell above the current one. As it stands, when you're done typing in the current cell, you hit enter twice and you get a new cell below. This is fine if all you ever do is add notes in a linear fashion.

Nobody ever does.

A lot of times--probably about half the time I use the program--I find that I need to go back and insert a cell above the one I've finished typing. Now, this is not impossible: there are several ways to do this. For example, you could up-arrow and then enter, or you could create a new cell and use Cmd-Shift-U to move it up. You can also drag and drop an empty cell to its new location; this becomes mildly annoying if you have long cells. I'd like to see a function in NoteBook, probably Shift-Return although I'm open to suggestion, to insert a cell above the current one without muss or fuss.

I sent an email to Circus Ponies' support address today, and a few minutes later got a reply from the lead developer himself. Regardless of whether my suggestion actually makes it into the program, how cool is it that the top dog answered my email himself so fast?

I'll say it again: using this program has changed the way I think and the way I organize my thoughts. It is a killer app for the Macintosh, and anyone who owns a Mac and uses it for work needs to have it. Period.


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