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Friday, September 09, 2005

Bush Administration, resign!

Here is Gordon Adams' forceful and cogent declaration that the cronyistic pack of Keystone Kops that is the Bush Administration should be summarily fired in the wake of the Katrina disaster.

I remember when Republicans wanted Bill Clinton to resign back in 1998. In this one, we've got Henry Hyde saying that it would be the "heroic" course of action for Clinton and referred to impeachment as "a cleansing of the office."

Well? If those people wanted Clinton to resign over a matter that hurt no one, they damn well ought to be calling for Bush to resign too.

If this had happened in Japan--if thousands of bloated Japanese were floating in toxic floodwater being eaten by rats--the administration that presided over the disaster would have already resigned in deep public humiliation and I bet there would have been suicides too. The replacement administration would already be sworn in.

So, Bushies? Do the right thing.


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