Strange Brouhaha

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I do not believe them when they say that assassin spiders pose no threat to humans. They can leave the new species in Madagascar where they found them.

I had thought it was gross when Terry sent around an article from a Tampa Bay TV station about a student science project that showed that fast-food restaurant toilets are cleaner than the ice the restaurants serve, but then Terry pointed out that the toilets get cleaned, and the ice machines never do. They should pump water from the toilets into the ice machines, that'll take care of the problem.

Finally, an article from The Nation by John Nichols on Dick Cheney shooting that guy in the face while illegally hunting on a game ranch. Mr. Cheney, orange means DON'T shoot. Also, a brief summation of the rules of gun safety is as follows: 1) treat every gun as though it is loaded until you have verified that it is not; 2) never point a gun (loaded or not) at something you do not intend to destroy; 3) always be sure of what is beyond your target. (Oh, and DUH, the reason they covered up the shooting for the whole weekend was so that nobody would be talking about it on the Sunday shows.)


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