Strange Brouhaha

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Does it have a barrel that's blue and cold?

Oh, no, wait, that's Mr. Saturday Night Special. This is the Saturday Special. This one is good for more than puttin' a man six feet in the hole.

1. My dream house is? Paid for. I don't know--one with lots of windows and a large finished basement. Wired for networking, too.

2. My dream car is? Reliable, fuel-efficient and paid for. I really like "dream can" questions. I could say "a Bugatti Veyron," but what's the point of having one of those? You couldn't drive it anywhere. Actually... my dream car is chauffeured.

3. My dream vacation is? To an English-speaking country. Not because I'm provincial, but a "dream vacation" includes being able to understand what's going on. I'd still like to visit Ireland, but there's no specific reason.

4. My dream life is? A huge apartment in Manhattan and theater tickets every week.


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