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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Where would you go?

This week's Sunday Seven asks "Name seven fictional locations (or fictionalized real locations) from TV or movies that you’d like to visit."

1. Yes, I'm an ass: Hogwarts. I'm ready for the new book. The movie, not so much -- "Order of the Phoenix" was my least favorite.

2. The 23rd century, as seen in "Star Trek."

3. Oz. The land of Oz, that is, not the prison from the TV show.

4. The Future, as seen in "Meet the Robinsons."

5. Punxsutawney, as seen in "Groundhog Day."

6. One of the core planets of the Old Republic, as seen in "Star Wars."

7. The Xavier School, from "X-Men." But only if Kitty's going to be there.

I tried to stay away from places where there was a high chance I'd get killed. You know, like Spider-Man's New York, or Camp Crystal Lahr, or Sunnydale.


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