Strange Brouhaha

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Briefly noted

1. Finish the sentence, sociopath. Karl Rove had this to say: "At month's end, I will join those whom you meet in your travels, the ordinary Americans who tell you they are praying for you." He forgot the end of the sentence, which is " go away." Of course, The Monkey is carefully shielded from the 76% of the country that knows he's a pathetic twit. So I guess Karl didn't forget anything. Never mind.

2. If I see "y'all" punctuated incorrectly one more time ("ya'll"), I shall scream.

3. You know how I keep asking for a phone that only makes phone calls? I just got a Motorola RAZR and because it's locked and I can't do anything without paying for it, I kind of have everything I want. Motorola even charges you for the software you need to transfer new ringtones and artwork to the phone.


  • I just "upgraded" to a Samsung a645 or something like that. No camera. a handful of ringtones (one is fine, thank you) and the buttons don't make that annoying beep boop boop sound that phone engineers think people need.

    It cost me a penny.

    By Blogger damonb, at 9:29 AM  

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