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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weak on terror

The House capitulated to the Monkey yesterday, approving his "improvements" to the FISA law. When will this pathetic, sycophantic behavior stop? For god's sake, don't our representatives have any integrity or honor? They passed this legislation, apparently, so as not to "appear weak on terror." They worried about "political repercussions."

Jesus H. Christ.

The people who voted for this -- not only the Democrats but the Republicans too -- have proved to each and every one of their constituents that they don't give a damn about this country or its principles. Their actions have demonstrated, far louder than any mealy-mouthed protestations about "serious reservations," that they are comfortable with the way George W. Bush and his gang of idiots are behaving. They are comfortable endorsing acts that John Ashcroft -- JOHN ASHCROFT! -- found to be illegal, that multiple judges have found to be illegal and unconstitutional. They are comfortable with being lied to by the Attorney General, comfortable with bung stonewalled by the White House.

By capitulating, the House has shown us who really is weak on terror.

Each and every person who voted for this is counting on apathy and complacency to keep them in office. They need to be shown how wrong they are at the ballot box.


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