Strange Brouhaha

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Petty outrage(s) of the day

On the way home from work today, I saw an ambulance in the rearview mirror. Since there was a lot of traffic, and one lane of the road was closed for construction, I pulled over immediately. Most other people did as well, you know, like you're supposed to when an emergency vehicle is behind you.

Petty outrage 1: why do people not pull over? I admit to a thorough lack of understanding on this. After all, you've got flashing lights and a screaming siren behind you -- dive for the curb!

Petty outrage 2: who are these people who jump out of line the second the ambulance has gone by? Why do they do this? There was almost an accident behind us as people hit the gas to try to get ahead that extra couple of car lengths. Make for the curb in an orderly fashion, leave the curb in an orderly fashion. It's not a difficult concept.


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