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Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Limerick and Haiku Time

Mad Kane's Limerick and Haiku prompt for today is all about bad jobs.

I've blogged about some of the jobs I've held before, so this is not new territory--except of course for the limerick-and-haiku part.

Not really about a bad job, more like a unique job. For the State of Hawaii, I helped conduct a survey for the replacement of ballast in all of the flourescent light fixtures in the State's public schools. The way to tell what kind of ballast a fixture would need was to count the length and number of flourescent tubes the fixture could hold.

There were four of us doing the survey, all college kids. We got State cars that we drove around to all of O'ahu's public schools. One day, my partner and I were headed back to the office, and I was going significantly over the speed limit. As we went around a turn, we saw the police motorcycle. Then we saw the radar gun. Then we saw the flashing lights.

My partner was mortified, of course, especially since I only had my learner's permit. It got worse...the officer asked what we did for the State.

Stopped for going fast,
I looked at the cop and said,
"Uh, I count lightbulbs."

The policeman just said, with a snort,
"Here's your ticket. We'll see you in court."
I entered my plea
And then paid my fee
And was only a few dollars short.

(I wasn't really; I had it all.)


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