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Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's been easy...almost too easy

I am almost done setting up the new PC. The build itself was easy, easier than any build I've ever done. The wiring in the case is a little messy, but I can live with it since I never have to look at it. It's enough that the wires are out of the way of the fans and hot items.

I chose Vista Home Premium, and while it took longer than I expected to install and update all of the drivers for the various components, overall that part of the process went smoothly and painlessly--especially once the wireless card was up and running so that I could bootstrap to the latest driver...which made the card actually stable.

Not surprisingly, what has ended up taking the longest has been data transfer. I have over 30GB of music in my iTunes library and another nearly 30GB in loops for a music program. This is a lot of data to transfer over a wireless network; I think it's about 18 hours worth of copying.

Clearly, an unacceptable amount of time.

Fortunately, I have an external hard drive that I can use to bridge the gap. Even with having to copy the 30GB loop library over to the Mac, and having to figure out why Windows won't see the FAT-formatted drive, and copying 60GB off of the Mac and onto the hard drive, and off of the hard drive and onto Windows...I've still spent less than a third of the time a transfer over the network would have taken. (No, wiring up to the network was not an option. I swear, our next house will have Ethernet jacks in every room.)

Right now, my iTunes library is merrily synchronizing itself with my iPod. (That was an adventure, too--I had to modify the official "copy your iTunes library to another machine" instructions before my library would come up. But all is good now.)

As a special treat, here is a video clip. Let me set it up for you.

I was flipping channels on the TV while all of this data transfer was going on, and I happened upon that one movie where Adam Sandler plays a whiny retarded guy. (Ha ha--of course, that's the perfect way to describe all of his movies.) This one happened to be Little Nicky, and while I'd normally pass it right by, the scene I caught happened to be one with Reese Witherspoon in it.

At the end of this scene, Nicky and Reese discover that Nicky's brother is about to complete his plan to become the new Satan and conquer Earth. Nicky needs to use "the power of good" to stop him. Reese gives Nicky a glowing ball. When Nicky asks what it is, Reese allows as to how she's not quite sure...but he'll know when it's time to use it.

Nicky returns to Earth to confront his brother. I guess Nicky has some kind of magic flask that he's supposed to use to capture his brother--I'm not too clear on the details--and he and the brother both get trapped in the flask. The brother gets out first, and turns into a giant bat and is flying around taunting Nicky. Nicky gets out too, with help from his girl, and this scene picks up shortly before Nicky realizes that it's time to use Reese's gift.

I will forgive the crappy animation...because this scene is perfect. Whichever of the three credited writers (Tim Herlihy, Sandler, and Steven Brill) came up with this deserves some kind of award for it. Even just a pat on the back and a "well done."


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