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Saturday, May 03, 2008

I actually went to the mall

It's something I try not to do; the last time I was in the mall was a couple of years ago, I think. I often get mildly humorous stories out of the mall, so I should probably go there more often, but it's so...mall-like. What exactly is at a mall that people need, anyway? Clothing stores, I guess, but what's the point of a "Sleep Number Bed Store" or a Cinnabon?

And the mall kiosks. I don't understand these. $100 Oakley knockoffs? Cheap, crappy weaves and hair extensions? Hermit crabs? Do people buy this stuff? What's the target market here--people with too much money and too little sense? (Don't answer that, I know the answer.) ("Yes.")

The Apple store is in the mall, and since I had my "Genius" appointment, the mall was where I had to go.

What can I was a mall. And the mall is a perfect place for an Apple store: obsessed with outward appearance, expensive, ostentatiously "hip". All of the male employees had a certain look: skinny, short hair, meticulously-trimmed beards or goatees, small rectangular glasses with black frames. (When I went back this morning, I almost wept at the sight of a dumpy guy in an ill-fitting Apple t-shirt because he totally didn't fit "the look" and was, at last, a welcome breath of humanity.)

I shouldn't complain too much; my computer is fixed, and free, since it was still under warranty. And they definitely had some nice-looking external drives. Maybe I'll have to hit after lunch...


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