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Friday, November 05, 2004

Congratulations, George

You won.

Oh, I'm not talking about the election, little man.

I'm talking about the really BIG victory. The victory in the war you've been fighting since you were a kid. You Finally Beat Daddy. You really showed him, and Mommy too. You showed them all. Getting Saddam was really just the first step, showing that you have Bigger Balls Than Daddy. What really twisted the knife was Getting Reelected, wasn't it? You've done the two things that Daddy couldn't do.

It's what your whole life has been about, hasn't it?

Daddy was a war hero, flying planes, so you had to be a war hero too. You know, except for the "war" part. And the "hero" part. Couldn't quite hack even the National Guard--Jesus, even Dan Quayle did THAT, but no, no, too much coke kinda took the zing out of a plain old jet fighter, didn't it?

Daddy was a successful businessman, so you had to be a successful businessman too. You know, except for the "success" part, or at least the way most people define success. But hey, you ran those tax shelters for Daddy's friends, sucking hind tit like Daddy's Good Boy.

(And it was never enough for him or Mommy, was it? "I'll show them," you muttered, coke spoon stuffed up your nose.)

And Daddy was a politician, and you had to be one too. Only you couldn't really do that one by yourself, either, could you? Just like in the Guard, when the Texas political machine pressured your commanders into letting you slide, just like in business when Daddy and his friends made everything okay, you needed a little bit of help in the political arena, too, didn't you? "The architect," indeed.

You had the one thing Daddy didn't have, and that was a ruthless tactician running your campaign. And it made all the difference, didn't it?

The piper's bill is coming due. All of your friends, all of Cheney's friends, Rove's friends, Daddy's friends, they're all going to be expecting payback now for getting you where you are and keeping you there. Sure, you've already paid them off with tax cuts and no-bid contracts, but the thing about these money guys, these guys in the shadows, is that it's never enough. They'll want more.

Pretty soon, there's not going to be any more to give, George. But they won't care.

What's going to happen to you then, George?

Oh, I know, I know, you don't care. You've got "the will of the people" on your side now, and God knows you don't lose sleep at nights thinking about anything. But maybe it's time to start. Where's it going to end?


  • (Savannah) God, I fuckin' love you. That's the savage eloquence. Bring it on.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:02 PM  

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