Strange Brouhaha

Saturday, October 30, 2004


You know, I don't usually get too worked up when I hear that a celebrity has died. And I usually don't get it when people do get worked up about it.

Jam Master Jay was murdered two years ago today, and his killer is still unknown. I actually felt bad when I heard that Jay was dead, bad enough that I remember where I was when I heard the news. Jay was one of the first real turntable artists to achieve international fame, and he almost singlehandedly inspired the entire generation of DJs who came after him. Now, in the grand scheme of things, that's not really so important,, I loved Run-DMC.

(I think it's kind of sad that now, two years later, Rev. Run and Darryl Mac are doing Dr. Pepper ads that sort of trade on Jay's memory.)


  • (JJB) "Run-DMC first said a DJ could be a band
    Stand on its own feet, get you out your seat"

    Sadly, when I went to look up the exact lines, the first jillion hits on Google were for some assuredly horrible version by Limp Bizkit and Staind.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 AM  

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